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DPTaughtMe is the first platform of its kind that addresses Greek Life leadership, mentorship, personal and professional development through a candid and introspective perspective. DPTaughtMe was created as a means to cultivate and digitally mentor young, forward-thinking, creative, and action-oriented NPHC Greek leaders during their collegiate and post-graduation years.

Sororal and fraternal life is more than strolls across campus yards, signature calls, wavering hand signs, synchronized steps, ancient rivalries and bravado entitlement. As most Greeks, we all try to navigate the crazy world of Greek Life while trying to maintain our emotional, mental, spiritual, social and educational stability. Since joining my sorority, there were many things that I learned along the way via my Prophytes, other Greeks, and most importantly, my own trial and errors. When discussing topics concerning Greekdom with others, we always seemed to end the conversation on what we learned, what we wish we could have learned, and solutions we discovered in the process. After meditating on so many great takeaways, I thought I’d be a good idea to share these life lessons with other up and coming Greeks who may need it.

We are stigma debunkers, narrative creators, scholars, innovators, barrier breakers, and the movers and shakers of generations past, present and future. It is important to spread this message to as many young minds as possible. We, young Greek members, are a vast and varied group. We’re accomplishing great and wonderful feats that are rarely recognized, until now.


(Firm Hand Shake Version of About Me)

DPTaughtMe Alexzandria Cormier-Hill Fraternity and Sorority Leadership Development Alexzandria Cormier-Hill (C.Hill) is an adamant advocate of learning, creativity, and leadership. During her time at the University of North Texas, aside from her academic obligations, Alexz participated in numerous opportunities that championed topics such as education, diversity and youth mentorship. She participated as an ambassador for organizations such as UNT’s Professional Leadership Program, Black Enterprise Magazine, Monster.com’s Diversity Leadership Conference, YES Prep’s Alumni Association and the Mickey Leland Kibbutzim Internship Foundation. While serving as the Current Events/Hot Topics event planner for the University’s Programming Council and Marketing Director of her undergraduate chapter of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority Inc, Alexz developed a refined calling to create unique, encouraging narratives about Millennials and their capacity to take active leadership.

After graduating with her Marketing degree, Alexz catapulted into her career as a Social Media Manager. She’s helped develop the brand for the City of Houston’s Education Initiative’s program, a small marketing firm, a multi-million dollar start up, and a bolstering award-winning charter school system (which happens to be her grade school Alma Mater.) She started DPTaughtMe in 2014 as a way to address her passion and concern for Greek Leadership through sharing her experience, as well as other’s experiences,  in the hopes of cultivating the young, Greek movers and shakers of the next generation. Alexz is currently working in higher education, serves on the board for Houston African American Bloggers, guest writing for the popular NPHC blogging platform Watch The Yard, and continues to share her love for the advancement of young leaders to whoever will have her.

(A little less formal information)

Things I love:

  • God: His love, his mercy, his guidance, his Word. Everything. Everything.
  • Friends & Family: They are my constant inspiration, encouragement and humility accountabilty buddies
  • My Squad: Nasir Jones, Solange Knowles, Frankie Beverly and Maze, and Big KRIT’s HUGEST FAN (Don’t debate me)
  • Art: I’ve never been able to completely express myself directly, so art has always been my primary outlet. Writing, singing, dancing, drawing, painting, acting, anything artsy fartsy you can think of, that’s me!
  • Slight adrenaline rushes:  So far, I’ve mountain climbed, sky-dived, and para-sailed. I need some more things to add. I’m always open for suggestions.
  • Traveling: Adding things to this list too. I’ve got Israel, Brazil, Mexico, and the Netherlands. under my belt. Open to domestic and international suggestions. Also, proud member of the Nomadness Tribe!
  • Cooking: I think I’m on Chopped everytime I cook. I should have went to culinary school.
  • Culture: My background is pretty diverse and I love learning about culture and history.
  • Perspective: I’m forever a student, so hearing other people’s perspectives is always intriguing to me.
  • Knowledge: I’ll stay all night in a library if I could. History channel, Shark Tank and OWN are my homies.
  • Narrative Creators: People who defy the odds are people I consider my distant mentors. I watch their moves, listen to their stories, and head to their advice. They dictate the way their story is told. That’s what I strive for.

For more information about DPTaughtMe, or if you would like for me to speak at your next event, hit me up at dptaughtme@gmail.com. If you wanna get acquainted, follow me on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook! Promise I won’t be a stranger!

(In my best J.Cole voice) If you made it this far, then I really fugg with you! Until the next time, I don’t know when that’s gon be…but ONE LOVE BABY!