#StayMadAbby – Divine 9 Clapback

#STAYMADABBYLet me just say, every time I am having a writer’s block, Black Twitter swoops in like the OG Superhero it is and gives me something intriguing to talk about. Shout out one time to the #StayMadAbby hashtag. Reading these stories and scrolling through your pictures have been absolutely amazing. Now, let’s get into Ms.Abigail Fisher, Supreme Court Justice Scalia and the beloved affirmative action debate. If you’re not familiar with this case, here are some awesome links to catch you up in detail:

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Role Call: Close Friends with Greeks


So we’re back at it with another web-series Role Call installment. For those of yall who don’t know, I am a black web-series fanatic! In addition to celebrating shows that tell great, relateable narratives, it’s also pretty dope that we get to spotlight some of the NPHC members who are putting their acting chops to work! So far, we’ve covered some of our D9 fam from the Black & Sexy TV network, BOATV & Black Boots, and now we’re shedding some much needed light on 2KLifeTv’s award winning show, the Close Friends web series. I’m not about that Netflix & Chill life, but I will Youtube & Chit Chat about this twisted tale of a friendship these folks have within their story lines.

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